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My real office room sex story

I’m leaning towards my table and sorting some files, Suddenly the door opens and a man comes from behind, I don’t know him well but he’s a professional looking guy.
I’m in my mini skirt, tight and short, it goes up on my thighs because of my position leaning forward and he can see that I’m wearing a stockings attached to a garter belt.
He walks slowly towards me, he does not dare to touch me, he is behind me. I can feel it.
- Go on, don’t hesitate, I whispered to him.
I stand up and He touch the curve of my hips, he slowly pulled me towards him, my back leaning into his chest, then slowly his hands goes inside my blouse,
- It’s all yours, I said to him
I can feel now his hands inside my blouse and my bra… he started to caress my breasts, What he does makes my pussy a little bit wet…
After caressing my soft breast, He then slowly unbutton my blouse… my firm soft breasts comes out of their jewel box, He uses his finger to play and tickle my..
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